Dave BlackwellWelcome to the Canvey Island Independent Party’s website. The Canvey Island
Independent Party was formed in 2004 because I felt Canvey Island was being neglected by the main political parties. I have lived on Canvey Island all of my life and my family have lived on the Island since 1936. My auntie and uncle were both past members of the old Canvey Urban District Council.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Canvey Island was a lovely place to live; clean and safe.¬†Where has all of that gone?

Well it seemed to have started when we joined the main land. I still find Canvey Island a nice place to live and I love it and that is exactly why I am so passionate about giving Canvey what it rightfully deserves. A cleaner, safer and greener place to live with a group of dedicated councillors to help shape Canvey Island into the way you, the residents, want it to be.

I am certain we can achieve this goal if we all work together. Canvey for Canvey my friends!

All the best

Dave Blackwell
Party Leader

Grace WatsonI joined this party seven years ago having decided that a change was needed for
Canvey Island. I was disillusioned by other parties and Canvey was not looking how I envisaged it would 27 years ago when I moved here.

Starting as an observer for the first year I soon recognised that this party was the one that could bring good changes to our island and I soon found myself asking for your vote one year later. You were kind enough to lend me that vote and I now still fight hard for you six years on.

As the party’s recently elected chairlady I look forward to the challenges ahead and hope to convince more of you, the residents, to attend our meetings and give us your opinions. Nobody knows this island better than the people that live here. Share your vision of Canvey with us and one day we may be able to make it a reality.

I’d like to invite you to look around our website and get a feel for who we are and what we stand for. You’ll always find the date and location of our next meeting or event here, it would be lovely to see you there so please come along and meet us, we’re a friendly bunch!

Grace Watson
Party Chairlady